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July 22, 2001
* Who am I?
* Things I like to do
* Family background
* Education &    Experience

From the Editor:

Who am I?

Name : Florence Tong Chek Kiah
Florence, according to my parents, was selected as it was similar in sound to my uncle's name that is Laurence. Hmmm ... but that is what they say. Sometimes when I make phone calls and leave messages, they think it's Laurence who is calling.
Tong is my surname, my clan name. Chek is the generation name so I would know who is of which generation should I come across people of my clan and accord them the respect due. Lastly Kiah is my name, meaning chrysanthemum.

Date of birth : 25th March 1966
I was born in the year of the Fire Horse and in the hour of the Dragon. My zodiac sign is the ram, Aries. All this makes for a very fiery and active person. Yaawwwnnnn ... so sleepy ...

Place of birth : Melaka, Malaysia
Might add a map to show you where my birthplace is situated. A long time ago, Malacca was name "Sleepy Hollow" and then some years back, it woke up and life was never the same again - traffic jams, air pollution became part of our lives with Malacca being promoted as a place of shopping complexes and medical centres. Lately there is talk of it being promoted as the centre for education - more colleges and universities to be opened up soon.
It is the place where it all started, historically, the center of trade in the 15th century (if I am not mistaken). Then the Portuguese came for the spices followed by the Dutch and the British. It is the place where the Nyonyas and the Babas originated from.

Family residence : Kampung Hilir, 75000 Melaka
A small village between Kampung Tengah and Garden City inhabited by mostly Malays and Chinese. The houses are staggered and the lanes weaving and narrow, so drive in at your own risk. But as modernisation would have it, all would be torn down by the end of this year or in the following year to make way for more shop lots and offices - where goes preservation?

Present residence : Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
I have been renting my room for two years and a month to date. It is large and is the only room upstairs. The only grouse I have is during hot weather, it is like a furnace. The house is situated near a school and a park, it is literally in the heart of the USJ 2 residential area and is very quiet. Every evening there would be families and single people walking, playing and just spending time together in the park. There would also be groups of youths playing football and sepak takraw.