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"Children have more need of models than of critics."

-- Joseph Joubert --

"Live life as it should be,
See with the eyes of a child,
Hear every beat of life ,
Feel from deep within the heart
And smell the breath of love and life
Every second of the day."

February 4th, 2002

Today, I went to #51, USJ12/1N. I was hired to teach an 8 year old boy Bahasa Melayu once a week for two hours.

Well, his name is Armon and he is an active child, always doing something with his hands and his legs, much like Marcel, my fourth nephew who is now 11 years old. Marcel displays certain symptoms of hyperactivity and sadly lacks his parents' attention.

Armon couldn't wait to see me go. Two hours is a long time for him and me but he does listen and do as asked but he has a fixation that he does not want or need to learn the language. Unfortunately, this is a subject that he would need to pass in his examinations.

Weird, because Marcel has the same problem too, with Bahasa Melayu but both do very well in the English Language.

To try to capture a child's attention for a long period of time is difficult, especially in the case of a child who has short attention span. You have to diversify the lessons and exercises. And sometimes you strike gold when you find out what the child loves doing the most and incorporate that in the lessons and then you will have their attention.


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