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"To know is nothing at all; to imagine is everything."

-- Anatole France --

"Live life as it should be,
See with the eyes of a child,
Hear every beat of life ,
Feel from deep within the heart
And smell the breath of love and life
Every second of the day."

February 2nd, 2002

Yes, I know the old year is gone and it has been more than a month since we ushered in the year 2002. My apologies for not being up to date.

Has anything changed? None that I am aware of but it just adds to the number of years that I should be glad I am alive, in good health and better off than a lot of other people in the world.

New Year's resolution? No, never made any in my life, knowing that as always, the resolution is forgotten when the second day of the new year comes round.

If you notice, I have done some cleaning up and added some stuff, a drop down menu for you to navigate to past entries instead of having the list clutter up the bottom of this page.

Oh yeah, I also took out the "what's new?" thing at the top and put in a leaf. I think it goes well with the page (if you have a comment, do e-mail me about it).


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