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August 27, 2001

"Children are God's gifts to us. Our duty is to provide for them and educate them to the best that we can and not to cause harm to them ..."

What kind of parents would do this thing to their child?

Locked for 4 months

Wednesday, June 13th 2001

DALLAS - An 8-year-old Texas girl was in serious but stable condition from surgery Wednesday after she had allegedly been locked in a closet for 4 months by her mother and stepfather.

She weighed only 25 pounds when she was rescued Monday night. The malnuorished girl ate tiny pieces of bread and water while in the dark, lice-infested closet, authorities said. She had to sleep on a urine-stained blanket.

The parents were charged Tuesday with injury to a child and were being held in the Dallas County Jail. It was said that the child's siblings told investigators that the girl was often locked in the closet for "eating too much and running away".

Police said the girl appeared to have been neglected for some time and told officers she was 2 years old.

Authorities said they did not know if she or the other five children in the house attended school. The child's 3 sisters have been placed with one foster home, and her 2 brothers were placed in a separate home.

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