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Interesting Quote:

"Behold the turtle who sticks out his neck ..."

--- unknown ---

Found this quote on a website, can't remember where but thanks for the quote ... who would have thought of it!

"Live life as it should be,
See with the eyes of a child,
Hear every beat of life ,
Feel from deep within the heart
And smell the breath of love and life every second of the day."

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Date: August 22nd, 2001

There's been lots of campaigns going on regarding the coming national day celebrations on 31st August, will probably be working on that day though.

Was talking to Anderson about his situation in Canada, how the Human Resources Department is on strike now. It would seem that the western countries seem to have one strike going on after another. With all the strikes going on, looks like there won't be any work done.

Here, at home, we can usually get a job maybe at the latest, two or three months but in Canada, sometimes you can be jobless for a year, not because you choose to. Maybe it is the field you are involved in, hard to say.

Looks like Malaysia is still in a way better, we don't have to deal with strikes. And yes, there is still all that quota thing but we can still live among each other in harmony. There is something good in being Malaysian.

Perhaps it would be interesting for me to put up some information about Malaysia, the places I have visited with my family and not to forget, the trips I took with Anderson.

Alright then, tomorrow I'll put up some pics and historical info on my home state, because that is where it all began ...