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August 25, 2001

"Living with these guys is much better ... they are cleaner than the girls I lived with ..."

Living with guys

I used to live in a house with 12 other people, one of them a guy. The house was a mess, the girls didn't want to clean the other parts of the house. They used to stack empty boxes in the hallway and put shoes outside their rooms.

The worst part was the bathroom and the toilet. I do understand that no one likes to clean these two places but hello, you do use them so why not clean them. We used to take turns cleaning them but when it came to my turn, I had to scrub the walls and the floor, really hard. I suppose these people can't see very well, after all, everyone wears glasses except me.

Then I shifted out and came to this house. I occupy the top floor. The guys were very nice and quiet. Best of all, they kept the house clean. The kitchen was clean, the living room was nice and comfortable and the toilet cum bathroom was big and cleaned regularly.

We got along just fine. There were no empty boxes in the hallway and everyone left their shoes at the main door.

The guys were both younger than me, one was twenty-seven going on twenty-eight and the other was thirty. The former, Desmond works hard to have money and the latter, Max is worried that everyone else has a girl or is married but he is in neither of the categories.

I'll tell you more on my housemates and ex-housemate later when I have the time.

Well, having nice housemates and a clean and comfortable was how it should be: a place you can call home away from home. And I came to the conclusion that sometimes living with girls is not better than living with guys because they can be untidy too.