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August 20, 2001

"A simple story about truth and the untruth ..."

--- taken from a chinese publication

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The Naked Truth

This story was sent to me by Tong Mui, a girl I got to know when I was working at She is a nice girl and has a lot of faith in God. There is always a smile on her face and she has a young girl's look even though in her late twenties.

She translated the story from a chinese publication and asked me to edit it as her English was not very good. Here is how it goes:

Once there were two persons, one named Truth and the other Untruth.

One day, Truth decided to take a swim, it being a hot day so he took off his clothes and left it on the river bank.

Along came Untruth who put on Truth's clothes. He refused to
return them to Truth so Truth had to go naked.

From then on, there was always Naked Truth and since Untruth is always wearing Truth's clothings so who is to tell what is truth and what is not unless you are willing to look at the naked truth.