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Aug 5, 2001

"The first thing a man looks at is how a woman looks like. And women will do anything to please a man, even to the point of losing weight even though not overweight ..."


We come in all sizes,
Short, tall, fat, thin
And whatever else
The dictionary has
To put us down
Or make us feel great.
For a very long time
It's been a problem to women
To be what a man wants
And desires.
A lot of women believe
That all men want
Are skinny, slim women
With really long legs
Reaching up to there.
I know a lot of guys
Who just love women
With some extra padding
Here and there.
"Why?" of course you may wonder
And the answer is really simple.
Just imagine
How it would be
Holding a bag of bones?
But then of course,
There are those men
Who are just so silly-dilly
Not realizing how lucky they are
To have a girl
Who likes them as they are
With bad habits and all
And yet they have to tell
The poor little girl,
"Darling, wouldn't it be lovely
if you were thinner
or perhaps your breasts bigger?"
Now, isn't it time
We put all that aside
And say,
"Accept me as I am or just buzz off!"?