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August 23, 2001

"A chinese serial I am watching currently every week day ... quite a romance ..."

The Romance of the White-Haired Maiden

Cheuk Yat Hong, a young man destined for greatness: to be a person of influence in the Emperor's service and the leader of Wu Tang, a martial arts school.

As Cupid would have it, he fell in love with Yok Lou Sat (whom he named Lin Ngai Siong) whom everyone said was evil. He was forbidden to have anything to do with her although he had married her.

So he gave up love for duty to country and his school. His school elders went to the extent of framing Ngai Siong for causing harm to Ngok Wah whom Yat Hong also married after severing ties with Ngai Siong. Confronting Ngai Siong, Yat Hong injured her.

The physical injury itself was not great compared to the emotional injury he had caused her. Due to the trauma, Ngai Siong's hair turned white.

Even though she had made a that she would retreat, somehow things didn't work out that way and she got involved with the country affairs and the traitorous Emperor's advisor who had ambitions to overthrow the Emperor.

Want to know how it turned out, well, will complete the story when it finishes :)