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July 25, 2001

"This came about after I met my boyfriend's mother. He never did tell me what she actually said about me but I found out bit by bit over time."


Discrimination of a Sort

There are many ways to discriminate. Some people discriminate against the way you dress, the colour of your skin, your race, the way you think and even your age. Most of the time they discriminate because they don't understand and they don't feel comfortable with the person or the knowledge. I am actually chinese, well, my dad is chinese and mom is eurasian. I am sure you know what chinese is but eurasian, that will probably make you frown. The only explanation I can give you is she is portuguese mixed with chinese down the line.

Whatever it is, according to what I know in Malaysia, they follow the race of the father so I am classified as chinese. The thing is, I don't look chinese and I don't speak any dialects or Mandarin either. Oh yes, I do have a chinese name and it means chrysanthemum.

I am also at the moment 35 years old and I don't think it is much of a big deal. After all, people say you are only as old as you feel. But it becomes a big deal when something happens to make you care.

Yes, someone came along and because he is much younger than me, some people think it is a lost cause and obviously, his parents believe so and his father doesn't want to see me let alone get to know me. Well, I don't blame them much, he is after all, their only son and they want what is best for him. What would this older woman offer their son? Would she even bear him a normal child, seeing as how she is in her thirties?

Having to meet the girlfriend of your beloved son is a tough thing. It is certainly not a good thing for me since they already have a mindset against my age. I know that what my boyfriend refuses to tell me is that his mother don't think much of my colour or looks.

Well, what else is new? It really doesn't matter that you have a great personality and that you actually make their son happy, no, it is about what they think is best. If they can't have faith in their son's choice, how then are they going to expect him to grow up?

Okay, so I am ranting on and on here, so would you if you were in my shoes. The thing is, he is a wonderful person and we make each other happy but he loves his parents just as much and don't want to hurt them, after all they brought him into this world and did everything parents did for the good of their children. The only thing they don't realise is that all this is just tearing him apart: he would give up what he loved for them.