I was a teacher for 5 and half years before furthering my studies. Immediately after obtaining my degree, I resigned from teaching.

Many people, including my boyfriend believe I make a good teacher because I get along well with children. I guess that is true because I never really grew up so I am like a child myself.

But regardless, I felt I wasn't a good enough teacher and I was never really comfortable being one.

Whenever I entered a class, I felt nervous. I don't know why but I guess I was afraid that they would not understand what I was going to impart to them.I did put a lot of effort in trying to educate the children, especially the weak ones.

Every morning, I would be in school before 7a.m. and I would seek out the weak students who were early too. They would bring me their homework so I could check it out and tell them their mistakes so they could redo it again or go on to another lesson and be on par with the average students in the class.

There was one student that I can still remember to this day. Her name is Farezah, a small-sized girl. At the time when I taught her, she was in Standard 5. She was very weak in all subjects. I tried helping her learn English whenever I had a free period. The first three words I taught her were apple, dog and cat. The first three days, she got them right then I added another word, rabbit. Over the weekend, she forgot them. *sigh* Then it was back to square one.

About 4 years later, I met her again at the Recreation Park in Malacca. I was accompanying 5 students, participating in a Science Camp. She recognized me on sight while washing dishes.

Actually she was helping out her auntie who was a caterer. I couldn't recognize her as she had grown. She told me she had left school after Standard 6 and was working for her auntie. I advised her to take up typing lessons so she could get a better job.

I don't know if she did.