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Aug 8, 2001

"Everyone's waiting for Mr.Right but then sometimes Mr.Right can be Mr.Wrong, don't you think so?"

Educating Mr. Right

Mr. Right does not come ready-made or tailor-made according to specifications. This is not Carrefour, Giant or any other store where you can pick him out among the other models there. If that were the case, what would happen to Mr. Not-so-Right?

With everything comes a price. That's what my boyfriend and I found out when we got the chance to actually spend a lot of time with each other. We discovered what makes up a man and what makes up a woman. It was tough!

Like a lot of other couples, we thought we were right for each other because everything just fell in place. So it was till he discovered my erratic mood swings. He got so spooked by it but he hung on with this motto in hand, "I have been very patient with you this far, what is a little bit more", gritting his teeth. One minute I would be so lovey-dovey and the next, I would be cold and aloof.

Boy, I sure felt sorry for him but you know something, it made me love him all the more because he tries so hard to understand. Hey, I had to put up with his idiosyncrasies too, you know. It is an education for me as well.

We are kind of growing together, feeling our way through and to see how it would be for the future. Sometimes Mr./Miss Right can turn out to be Mr./Miss Wrong.

How it turns out in the end depends on how well you get to know and understand the other. In other words, 'getting educated on your partner'.