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"Children have more need of models than of critics."

-- Joseph Joubert --

"Live life as it should be,
See with the eyes of a child,
Hear every beat of life ,
Feel from deep within the heart
And smell the breath of love and life
Every second of the day."

March 8th, 2002

I know it is a bit late but I was meaning to do this, to put up the pictures that Anderson took of the snowman he built outside his house, the house where he was renting the basement.

Well, I have seen snow before, on TV but never touched or tasted it before. I will someday, I suppose.

It's great, isn't it, to have the 4 seasons. Here in Malaysia, it either pours or it suns. During Christmas, the wind is so strong. You get leaves and sand blown into your house. No amount of sweeping can keep your house clear of sand for ten minutes, that is where my hometown is concerned.

And during Chinese New Year, it's so hot that you don't want to leave the house to go visiting. Most of us just stay at home, eating and watching television.