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Aug 7, 2001

"Stories can teach us a lot about how to live. Some of the best ones come in religious forms. Take the following story of two monks and a pretty lady ..."


A Meaningful Chinese Story

A friend forwarded this story to me and now, for those who have not read it, I would like to share it with you and for those who have read it, does it not teach a reality of life?

Once upon a time, a big monk and a little monk were travelling together. When they came to the bank of a river, the bridge was damaged and they had to wade across the river.

Now, there was a pretty lady who was stuck at the damaged bridge and couldn't cross the river. The big monk offered to carry her across the river on his back and the lady accepted. The little monk was of course shocked by the big monks actions.

"How can big disciple brother carry the lady when we are supposed to avoid all intimacy with females?" thought the little monk but he did not voice out his thoughts.

The big monk carried the lady across the river and the little monk followed him unhappily. When they had crossed the river, the big monk let down the lady and they parted ways.

All along the rest of the way for several miles, the little monk's unhappiness towards the big monk's actions grew and grew. In his head, he was throwing all kinds of accusations at the big monk. But he still kept quiet.

The big monk on the other hand was oblivious to all the going-ons in the little monk's head. This further fueled the fury in the little monk.

Finally, at a resting point many hours later, the little monk burst out angrily, " How can you claim yourself as a devout monk when you seize the first opportunity to touch a female especially when she is pretty? All your teachings to me make you a big hypocrite!"

The big monk was surprised and turned to the little monk, "I had put down the pretty lady at the river bank many hours ago, how is it that you are still carrying her along?"

The moral of the lesson is .......

>> continued ...