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August 23, 2001

"At one point in my life, I didn't want to live til old age and wanted to die at
forty ... I felt 40 years was enough ... but after lots of thinking, I guess here is what changed my thoughts."

My Fear

What do I fear?
One of the most frequent questions
I find myself asking.
I do not fear death
Only those who have regrets
Fear death.
I do not fear growing old,
The wrinkling of skin,
The stiffening of muscles
And the loss of hearing, sight, taste and feel.
But I fear the loss of thoughts,
The loss of my thinking capabilities,
My mind.
I have talked to many,
To all my friends
With hope to allay my fear.
At last after so much thinking,
I understand,
That what I should fear most
Is the loss of heart and will.
For it is that
That keeps one happy
And it is that
Which is the essence of living.
We are here not to live out a cycle,
We are here to make a difference,
To brighten lives, to bring laughter,
Most importantly for self-realisation
Of who we are.
And when my time is over,
I only want to be remembered
For the laughter I have brought
Into lives entangled with mine,
For my heart which was ever young
And my will to be who I am.