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July 22, 2001
* Who am I?
* Things I like to do
* Family background

Still unfinished. Will be updated later. Thank you for visiting.

Family background

Father : Tong Joon Tong
My dad is of Hailanese descent. He is an intelligent guy, always thirsting for knowledge. He got married to my mom at the age of 19. To support his growing family, he worked as a teacher in a chinese school then later as a government clerk. Nights and weekends he would go fishing to supplement his income. This October he will turn 62.

Mother : Louisa Fatima Lowe
My mom is of Eurasian descent. Her ancestors were of chinese and portuguese descent. She's a good wife and mother, helping my dad sew the fishing nets, bring up the boat and lots more besides bringing up 9 children.

Siblings : Two brothers and six sisters
I am number five, the middle child and the fourth daughter in the family. Eldest, my sis, is married and has four sons. Then comes my brother, two sisters, me, three younger sisters and finally, my younger brother who is now studying in the university in Malacca. My grandmother named him Tzeng, meaning victory. All of us have different characters and preferences, just as the fingers on our hands.