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August 20, 2001
* Who am I?
* Things I like to do
* Family background

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Things I like to do

Mostly science fiction, thrillers, cloak and dagger whodunits. Once in awhile I like to go down memory lane and read the Hardy Boys series (not Nancy Drew though, not as interesting), the Adventure series and Enid Blyton story books too. The Perry Mason series is another hot favourite of mine and, oh yeah, the adventures of Biggles, especially when he was a kid and during the war.

I used to be rotten in my art and was constantly drawing Egyptian art and yellow people (as my teacher used to berate us on) but all of that ended when I was 15 with the display of my piece in the main lobby of my secondary school. It was the painting of a record cover. I was proud of the piece and I never saw it again as well as all the other paintings for that year. The next year, I chose the science stream and art was not on the itinerary. But I continued on my own with sketching. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and now I have another medium for drawing - the computer.

Crossword puzzles
I like crosswords, it is fun and challenging, helps to build up your vocabulary. Sometimes I play Literati on MSN, it's a good way to learn new words and make friends, too.